Happy Holidays NMCers

And a
Very Miata
New Year!

Your board sends a big thank you to everyone who attended our meetings and events throughout 2019.

AND special shout out to all those club members who helped out by organizing an event.  The Nutmeg Miata Club would not be beginning it’s 29th year without your enthusiasm and commitment.

Plus, to all those who signed up to participate in our Annual Holiday party and Toy Drive thanks for sharing your holiday spirit with the club and with Team’s Toys 4 Kids program.

Toy Drive 2020


Lost NMC Holiday Song Book Found!

You might think it was a holiday miracle, but the truth is a little less exciting…. Because our website sleuths didn’t really find the  club’s entire old songbook stashed in some obscure website data file.  BUT they were able to extract a readable copy of page 9 !!!

Use this LINK to a download your copy.


NMC Mixed Tape:
Holidaze Car-Tunes

Spotify Playlist: NMC Holidaze Car-Tunes

If you have a spotify music  account you can follow this playlist.

NOTE: If you don’t have a Spotify account … go ahead and sign up for one and play 100’s of Christmas songs from your phone, tablet or pc  for FREE!