Summer Fun On The Wine and Dine Run

Did Someone Say Wine Slushies?

This report summaries the 2022 run but Dan and Sandy are doing it again on the 24th Of June, so read on for an idea of the fun you’ll have this time!

A wine slushie isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a wine tasting tour.  But when zooming around the curvy back roads of eastern Connecticut in the 90 degree heat of our first Summer weekend of 2022 …THEY HIT THE SPOT! 

Once again Dan and Sandy outdid themselves scouting out an exciting route that brought us to two  great vineyards  far east of the Connecticut river, an area our club seldom gets to explore.

Slushies aside, both Preston Ridge Vineyard and Cassidy Hill Vineyard offered a selection of Reds, Whites and Rosés to please all.  Plus, each had comfortable indoor and outdoor space for socializing and taking in the rural beauty of Connecticut on a sunny Summer afternoon.

After the vineyards we stopped for a late lunch at Willington Pizza and then headed over to the UCONN Dairy Bar for their yummy Ice Cream.