Welcome to Nutmeg Miata Club

Welcome To The Nutmeg Miata Club

The Nutmeg Miata Club was formed in 1991 by Miata enthusiasts like you. 

Our club has over 200 members, mostly from Connecticut, but also Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey.

Members with their first Miata are enjoying the experience of group rides, learning about their car from fellow members and improving their driving skills by participating in our annual Club Auto-Cross day at Lime Rock FCP Euro Proving Grounds Track.

Others have owned multiple Miatas and developed expert mechanical or racing skills. We all share a common interest – one of the best roadsters ever made.

We sponsor or attend 30 – 40 Miata events each season. Most at no additional cost over the $30 yearly dues. If you own or are buying a Miata soon…

Join Our Nutmeg Miata Club Drives

Come Drive With Us

Auto Cross at Lime Rock,  taking a 90 mile top down run through the twisty back roads of New England, or a day trip with stops at Breweries, Vineyards, Car Shows Restaurants or Ice Cream Parlors… We like to drive. 

Learn At THe Nutmeg Miata Tech Days

Share and Learn At Tech Days

We gather twice a year for Tech Sessions. These all day events are one of the most important benefits of club membership.
Members help each other in activities from oil changes to installing new shocks, new brakes and more.

Meet Nutmeg Miata Club Members

Make New Friends

Our weekend drives often include a stop for food, be it a  hot dog, ice cream or a nice restaurant.
Our club meets monthly on the second week of the month, to discuss club business and have an enjoyable time with friends.  Why don’t you come to one of our meetings or outings to see what we are all about?

Fill Out This Form and Submit Your Membership Application

You will receive an email from our membership chairman within 2 -3 days.


Miata Information

Nutmeg Miata Club Terms Of Membership

All members of the Nutmeg Miata Club, Inc. agree to the following:
  1. Maintain minimum automobile insurance coverage on their vehicles while in attendance of club meetings/events.
  2. Agree that the Nutmeg Miata Club, Inc. is not responsible/liable for loss/damage to vehicles and is not responsible for personal/physical injury to members while attending club meetings/events/functions.
  3. Agree to abide by all rules/policies/procedures established by the club officers/members of the Nutmeg Miata Club, Inc. for the safety, protection and enjoyment of its members and vehicles.