It’s taken longer than I planned ….

After too may days of the members part of our website being off line I have finally completed a major update of the programs that run the membership part of our site.
In short this update wreaked havoc throughout our site.

A major update to the program that runs the membership pages and database (Buddypress ) caused the developers of the theme and all related plugins to release updates of of their programs. Most of the updates have bugs or critical changes to the way they work. And because this is a WordPress site it’s really just one interconnected database so a problem in one area can create other issues all over the site 🙁 .

I believe I resolved most of the issues. Unfortunately, some formatting and functionality has been lost ( at least for now) .

There may still be some things that don’t work properly, particularly links that can’t find the right page. Please let me know if you run into any problems.

AND… anything that you may have done on our site between 2/10/24 and 2/27/ 24 IS GONE!

Sorry but that is just how it is. If you logged in and added a forum post or comment or updated your member pages etc… during that time period you get a “do over” 🙂

The good news is I was able to improve some aspects of the site and improve some navigation menu options. A couple that come to mind are:

  • When you are viewing your membership dashboard page there is a new tab at the right hand side of the center menu: “Write Article”. This is a new function that makes it easy for any member to blog about our club and post it as an article on our site.
  • Also in the top navigation bar the drop-down menu under your name has some new links to your messages and notices and to your privacy settings for your membership profile ( which by default can only be viewed by logged in club members).

As always, I will continue to work in the background updating and improving our site. But I do not expect to have to deal with any more major program updates that will force me shut the site down again.

If you have issues, problems or suggestions for improvement:

Contact me by using the contact the board form ( click the B icon in the blue menu panel on the left hand side of the web page). Or send me a quick message, from your members messages page. Use link messages link in the drop-down member’s menu.
My send@ username is: @nmc-pva

Thanks for you patience,

Peter Amato
NMC Webmaster