NMC Website Orientation

NMC Website Orientation

A few things to keep in mind:

  • STRUCTURE: Our new site is made up of two separate but interrelated sections:
    • The public part of the site, homepage , events, club news, forums, etc that anyone can browse and primarily promotes the club.
    • The private club site, accessible only once the club member has logged in. It includes the public pages but adds members only content to those pages. Plus, it contains additional pages in the dashboard section which have members only content.
    • The general public can view but not comment in the forums.  Non-club members can get full access to just the forums by registering as a forum user.
  • PERSONAL DASHBOARD: Each member has their own personal section of the website featuring their dashboard pages where they handle all their website activities and control their privacy settings.
    • The dashboard section button menu contains links to all your personal website pages as well as some of the general  pages.
    • All members are able to create their own photo albums/ galleries as well as contribute to the club’s gallery.
  • COMMUNITY:  The website is community focused, designed to enable members contributions and promote communication and discussion.
    • To help our club members get to know who everyone is, user names for the new site are the club member’s full name.
    • The same goes for your profile picture, please use a picture of  you or you and your co-pilot.
    • The forums component is very much like the old site. However, some of the information previously provided through the forums can be handled in new ways.
    • Sending public or private messages to members is quick and easy.
    • Members with author permissions can write “news articles” and create other documents and post them on the website through the wordpress program or by email.
    • Events, while still a discussion section in the forums are now handled through an event calendar function. The person running the event posts the information on the web and can keep track of RSVP’s etc. through their dashboard.
  •  SECURITY: Our website address is now: nutmegmiata.org (no inc).  In your browsers address field you will see that the site address starts with https:// which means we now have a more secure website.
    • To protect the security of the club website we require “strong passwords” at least 12 characters long using a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
    • With this site you do not need a separate login to our forums.

Volunteers Needed!
There are several sections of our website where xperienced club members are needed to add the proper information about our club’s history, polices etc.
Also, the Photos page contains photos that need descriptive titles.
Do I have any volunteers? Posting information on our site is just as easy as emailing, facebooking, or using MSword.

First Things First:  Complete Your User Profile

  1. The profile link in the dashboard menu takes you to the page where you can complete and edit your member profile. 
  2. Help everyone get to know who you are by adding a picture of you or you and your co-pilot as your user image.  HINT: In addition to up loading a picture from your computer or phone you can take a selfie while on the webpage. 
  3. And go ahead and replace the cover image used at the top of your dashboard page (pay attention to the image size info).
  4. You also can load a couple of pictures to your personal gallery, check out the member directory and send a message to another member.

If you run into problems either post in the WEBSITE ISSUES forum or send me a message from your dashboard pages.

As you explore the site and test the features and functions take note of your experience. Let me know what doesn’t work for you and what you would like to see added to the site. Your feedback is essential to the operation and success of the new site.

Peter Amato
NMC Webmaster