Updated Website Features

NOTE: This page opened in a new tab so you can refer to it as you check out the new membership section of the club website.

The new dashboard page is your member home page.

It allows you to quickly see all the recent club members plans, comments and activities, yours as well as everyone else in the club.

The new design makes it easier to connect with club members, sign up for events and participate in forum discussions.

  • RSVP to an event.
  • Check our your forum posts.
  • See whats up with our members.
  • Keep up with your friends.
  • Checkout your mentions.
  • Follow-up on your favorites.
  • Even jump over to the team image webstore to buy some cool club gear!

See Below For 4 New Menus

Center Tab Menu

In the middle section of the dashboard page is the tab menu which provides quick links to all the actions you can take. When you login the focus is on member activities. It changes as you select options from your member menu.

Member Menu

When you select a menu item from the drop down menu under your name the center tab menu changes. A new set of tabs appears with options related to the menu item you clicked on.

Top Menu

When you log into the website you see a “members only” top menu. Our club website member section is only accessible to current club members. See our privacy policy for more information.
( Below are the public menu options )

Side Menu

The blue panel on the left hand side of the member site pages contains quick links to various pages and resources on our site.

If you’re not certain what the icons mean click on the 3 top bars to expand the panel or hovering over an icon will show a tool tip explanation.
For example: B = contact the board by using the site contact us form…

BUT instead use your dashboard to send a public or private message!

  • Go to your friends or members list
  • Find and click on the member
  • You’ll see the send a message buttons 😉