Resize Your Images For The Website

Why Resize An Image?

Today’s phones and cameras are capable of taking highly detailed images that make very high quality prints. Although the average phone camera image file size is 3-4 MB some high end phone cameras can create image files as large as 75 MB. Image files that look great on a website can be less than 1/3 of a MB . On our website we suggest image file sizes less than 8 MB. Most of the time our website won’t force you to resize your image because the file size is too large.  The program automatically resizes and crops  as needed.  But you may want to resize or crop your images yourself to control how they look. 

So, an image is resized because:

  • The image file size is so huge it will take too long to display on the webpage and may exceed the maximum size the website program allows to be uploaded.
  • Maximum  Suggested Image File Size = 8 megabytes
  • The image is the wrong size / shape / dimensions for the space on the webpage.

How To Reduce the file size of your image:

  • Use the programs that come with your Mac ( preview) or PC (paint).
  • Use any number of image editing software programs
  • Upload the image to a free online resize / crop program like:
    » Image Resizer Online « 
    ( Note: NMC is not endorsing this website nor responsible for any offsite links.)

Best cropped sizes or suggested maximum image dimensions (width x height) :

  • Profile picture: 200px x 200px
  • Dashboard page cover image ( top image ): 1300px x 225px
  • Image for post or article : Maximum 1024 px W , and 683 px H , preview image is cropped to 300px wide
  • Gallery Image: Maximum 1024 px W , and 683 px H , preview cropped to 350px wide in image grid.