NMC Website Password Requirements

To protect the security of the club website we require “strong passwords”  which must follow all of the following rules:

      1. Be at least 12 characters long.
      2. Contain at least one uppercase letter.
      3. Contain at least one lower case letter.
      4. Contain at least one number.
      5. Contain at least one symbol such as  ! @ # $ % & ? * + ^=)(

You can use the one generated for you or make one up.

(Be sure to copy and save it, as soon as you click reset password you will need it to login to the site.)

Most web browsers will ask if you want to save your password for our site.
DO IT! ( or use your own password manager program)

And remember, your NMC club website username cannot be changed.  It is  each member’s  first name followed by a space then the last name ie: