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    Dan Riccio

    Welcome to Wine & Dine # 10!

    Place: Ocean State Job Lot Parking lot, Litchfield Ct (corner of Constitution Way/Milton Rd)

    Arrive 9:30 am for 10:15 start.

    Take a ride along some great roads in western Connecticut, and slightly in Massachusetts with 2 stops at vineyards.


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    Dave McCaughan

    Wine and Dine #10An excellent afternoon all around. I’d like to echo my appreciation for Dan and Sandy’s hard work and excellent planning/coordination to make the day go so perfectly. My biggest surprise of the day: The wine was actually pretty good!


    Joe Wall

    Well…another successful ride yesterday…thank you Dan and Sandy for picking up the torch from the Bentons…who will be sorely missed after many years as active members of the Nutmeg club.


    as usual, the Benton Perspective was spot on as a recap of the day.  another thing that will be missed after their departure.  the Benton Perspective has been a long standing tradition on the club webpages. Hopefully, there will be ONE MORE before their departure.

    Levi Reyes




    Levi Reyes

    More pictures…



    Levi Reyes

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Some pictures from my iphone:</p>
    Job Lot assembly
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Parking</p>

    Select your wine


    Levi Reyes

    Excellent post-event writeup Dick Benton.  This basically sums it up for me.

    Many thanks to Dan Riccio and your co-pilot for organizing a successful event #10 Wine and Dine “ a return to normalcy “.  Likewise to Joe for the “sweep” duties making sure everyone makes it to the destinations safely.

    It was also great meeting very nice and accommodating Nutmeg members.

    Thank you all and hope to see most of you next time!


    Dick Benton

    THE BENTON PERSPECIVE, Wine and Dine #10

    We’d barely skidded into our garage after a great day and a great Run before I sat down at my keyboard to compose my thoughts on the day. As the pandemic has largely passed, activities like ours are now okay with government and the medical profession. The handshake is back and even the hug. Those of us who have been vaccinated have little to worry about (at least for Covid-19) and it showed in the camaraderie of the group that met in the Ocean State, Litchfield parking lot today. I got conflicting numbers, but we had more than forty attendees in twenty-two Miata MX-5’s, an excellent turnout. People need people. We were a fine and colorful crowd.

    Dan And Sandy Riccio hosted the 10th Run. Holly and I gave it over to them earlier this year because of our impending move away from CT. Between the two they choreographed it beautifully. They had clearly done their homework both with roads and stopping places, exactly what is needed for any successful Miata Run. The directions were concise and clear. Running radio patter alerted us to potential problems, pedestrians on the roadway or other road hazards. Joe Wall was tail-gunner and Marcel St. Germaine and Jim and Crista Merchant were placed strategically within the group to assist where necessary.

    They led the procession on well and sparsely traveled roads first to the Jerram Winery in New Hartford that opened early just for us. I hope they felt rewarded. We spent a leisurely hour there and then were off again traveling, straight, hilly and curvy roads at a satisfying pace (some may not agree, but this is my article), and our little cars handled the roads like they were glued to them. I’ve said that before and nothing has changed.

    Dan took us north into Massachusetts, finding lots of delicious Miata roads to conquer. Our second winery, Les Trois Emme, had set out tables across it’s abundant lawn for us, yet another example of excellent planning. It’s hard to believe that wine comes in so many textures and tastes, but each winery had it’s specific brands of wine and all were quite fine.

    Following the repast and delighted conversations at multiple tables, Dan announced the third and final leg of our Run, a stop at Peaches and Cream back in Litchfield, not far from where we started, for dessert.

    We challenged ourselves and our machines, got quality time together and – you must speak for yourselves here – returned to our homes happy and satisfied. We certainly hope so. Another beautiful day; another incident free Wine and Dine Run. What could be better?

    John Brandt

    Thank you Dan… our first with the group…looking forward to it.

    John n Janice

    Dan Riccio

    Yes John… your in.

    John Brandt

    Ut Ohhhh…I didn’t see the sign up deadline….Had to wait until today Sat 6/12) to sign up due to circumstances. So…any chance of getting in?…Me and Co-Pilot Janice.

    John Brandt

    Dan Riccio

    Yes please!

    Joe Wall

    I suppose you want me to bring the radios?…

    Dan Riccio

    Looks to be good weather!
    Please be sure to sign up by Thursday, so that we can give the vineyards an accurate headcount.

    Levi Reyes

    Looking forward to this long drive!

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