Where to have my Miata serviced?

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    Hi to all,

    I am a first time Miata owner. (2018 MX5 RF).

    I have always maintained my automobiles to a very high level and want nothing but the same for this very special ride.

    Here’s my dilemma;  I have never been a fan of a dealership ( way to many bad experiences.)  That being said, I still want the correct parts, service knowledge and warranty coverage.  Does this mean I’ll need to warm up to a Great Dealership?  ( if so, any references), or should  I stick with my long time, trusted, knowledgeable mechanic?

    I’m all ears. Let me know your thoughts.


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    I have a 2013 PRHT and have been very satisfied with Balise Mazda in West Springfield, MA.  But … you are in Cheshire which would be a long haul just for service.  Not sure if anyone has spoken to you about Modern Motors in Thomaston.  They have long been a friend of the Club.  Otherwise I am not sure about the Cheshire area for dealerships.  (Ian Marshall at Balise Mazda is the guy in West Spfld. that I usually speak to at the service desk.)

    -Jim Merchant

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    Thanks Jim,
    I had just driven by Modern Motors this past week and thought I’d check them out. Now I must stop in. It’s good to hear they’re friends of the club.
    Also, sorry I missed the big meeting. Would have loved to have been involved but I was no where near CT at the time.  Will have to play catch-up. Looking forward to this upcoming year.
    -Gary Lohr

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    Welcome to the Club…missing the monthly meeting?..not a biggie…we have another one coming next month.


    Dealer for service?…Modern in thomaston is the closest…with your RF being so new, that is where I would go for anything specific.  Any competent shop can do oil changes…which is all your RF will need for quite a while…except for a tire rotation…


    My ’19 AE has had two oil changes so far…both done at the dealer because it was either free or super cheap…and a tire rotation thrown in…other than that, its just ZoomZoom…

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