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    Hi all,

    The stock radiator on my 2002 NB blew up on me and I am looking for a replacement. Before I go ordering something online, I am hoping someone has an old stock NB radiator lying around, but anything that fits an NB would work. Please let me know if anyone has a radiator I could take off their hands for a fair price!

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    Actual failures are not that common…the warning sign on NA/NB radiators is when it starts to change color from black to greenish-brown….that is when you should be changing out an old 20+ year old radiator


    In this case, Amazon Prime is your friend…the NA radiator that folks use for stock replacement is the TYC 1140….the NB part number should be TYC 2268.. …less than $100. I have already installed 3 of those this year in NA…I keep a few on hand for emergencies, like this, but I don’t think there is one on the scrap pile for an NB

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