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    Talking to a guy who is selling an “New Old Stock” bumper cover… Mazda factory original replacement part, that was never on a car. I believe it is primed, but not painted.

    Going this route, I assume I could just put it on unpainted, and then wait to have time / money to paint it along with respraying the whole car… Or would there be a reason to paint it first?

    Any other pros / cons to this route vs. buying one that was already on a car, painted and in decent shape? It would come with a plastic reinforcement cover, but it would be lacking other mounting pieces… turn signal light clips, mounting parts, etc.

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    All of that other stuff that does not come with a NOS replacement just moves over from your old one…the NOS is most likely black, so a black nose on a red car …up to you


    Keep looking for a red OE bumper cover…they pop up every so often…

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