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    Tom Corrolo

    I am trying to get a ticket for a friend to go on the beer crawl but I do not have a choice to select 2 tickets

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    Joe Wall

    OK..the signup mystery has been solved for this event


    It is set up for 20 CARS…no need to put in for the second person on this one


    once the 20 car limit is reached, event is closed…Does not matter if your car has 1 or two people…this limits the total persons to no more than 40

    Joe Wall

    I have brought this little problem to Rob Leclerc attention…he will be checking it this evening when he gets home


    there is another thread started about the date confusion…it is definitely on SATURDAY JULY 31

    Dave McCaughan

    I too see the problem. If I am not mistaken Ed and Regina are hosting the event, if they are also managing the online aspect, they should be able to log in and make the correction. But if Rob LeClerc is doing it, I know he has been out of town with a death in the family, so has not been available. I would suggest emailing the Ekmalians (email found in dashboard/members list) and bring the issue to them directly and maybe just ask them to ad your friend to their list.

    Traditionally, rides are for members only although on occasion we do invite nonmember Miata owners to come out and “test drive” the club 🙂 Edit: As I re-read the post it could be a passenger.


    Penny Daniels

    I have not been able to select more than 1 ticket for the beer crawl either….this has not been fixed….I have not signed up yet waiting for this correction…..also the date on this event still says 7/31 on the signup page even though the forum states it as 8/1 which I believe is correct…that might be affecting the sign-ups and possibly the ticket numbers as well  …….

    Tom Corrolo

    Can you check on your computer to see if it is the webpage or my computer?

    Tom Corrolo

    Hi Joe thanks for responding so quickly I did try that canceling and then going back in for some reason I only have a option for 1 ticket I normally use chrome so I tried doing the same thing in edge and got the same result.Not sure what to do in this case.

    Joe Wall

    once you are logged in…scroll down…and look to the right whee it says ..’SPACES’



    number option dropdown appears


    If you have already registered…go back to the events page..scroll to the bottom and find the ‘manage my RSVP’ link…click on that…it takes you to another page where you can cancel.


    then go back, and re-register, using the ‘SPACES’  dropdown and select 2

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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Forums General Interest Website Issues trying to select more than one ticket for an event

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