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    Its that time of year…. folks are getting their cars out of storage and ready for fun. If your top has seen better days then give me a shout. I can install your top in less than a day. I offer advice on what style top to buy and since you order it yourself there is no mark up on the parts. Guaranteed to save you money over ANY upholstery shop in the state. 88 NA/NB/NC tops to date….. 203-232-8298

    Booking for April/May now

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    Top number 88 in the books…. a nice black canvas zip window on a low mile Montego Blue…..

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    I think my top was #87 🙂
    I knew that I wanted to replace the top when I bought my 02 last year. So, this April I ordered a Robbins vinyl replacement top from MOSS. Same as the original, except that I went with the zippered option for the glass rear window.

    Chris did a great job on the install. It took just 1 day and buying from MOSS and having Chris install it SAVED ME $975 compared to the quote I got from my local Robbins approved upholstery shop!

    Check out the pictures:

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    Would love to get a quote from you for my ’92 Eunos Roadster. The top I supply would be Moss Miata part number 239-041 (Robbins streamlined canvas top, tan w/defroster). I can strip the existing cheap eBay top from the frame and bring the hardtop from my other Miata if we’re expecting rain on day of install.

    I’ve done the job before, actually just last year on my other Miata, but it was annoying and if it’s not too expensive it might be worth it to just let someone else take care of it. 🙂

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    Hi Chris,

    I would like to talk to you on guiding me to the correct top and installing it.



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