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    I have a ND (2016) named Janet (for obvious reasons) .    I have the stock tires on her now 195 R50 16

    I have read somewhere in the vast cloud that I can use 205 / 17 on stock 7 inch rims   ????

    I am looking for some more GRIP     any suggestions?



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    The size mentioned is the optional/upgraded size…plenty of choices out there…stock or aftermarket wheels and loads of different tires


    Hoip over to miata.net in the ND wheels/tires section and settle in with a beverage and start reading



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    Funny, I have 205/45 17s on my 2013 NC. I wonder why they went to 16 inch with the ND for stock size? My tire of choice since 2008 is the Hankook Ventus V12 EVO and EVO2. Love these tires and not bad price wise.

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    On the ND’s the 16″ wheels are standard on the ‘Sport’ model, where the Club and GT models get standard 17′ wheels.



    You can replace the stock Yokohama tires on your 16″ wheels with stickier tires.

    Popular for AutoX are 200TW (tread wear) tires, Extreme Performance Summer.

    Tire Rack-  Two Extreme Performace Summer and one Max Performance summer.  The Max Performance Summer may have a higher TW rating, but it is probably equal in real world grip and performance as the stock Yokohama tires:  https://www.tirerack.com/tires/TireSearchResults.jsp?tireIndex=0&autoMake=Mazda&autoYear=2016&autoModel=MX-5+Miata&autoModClar=Sport&width=195%2F&ratio=50&diameter=16&sortCode=44600&skipOver=true&minSpeedRating=H&minLoadRating=S&performance=ALL

    Discount Tire has both the OEM Yokohama and a Extrreme Performance Summer tire, Yokohama ADVAN A052. Both ar almost the same price.: https://www.discounttiredirect.com/tires/brands/yokohama-catalog?q=%3AbestSeller-asc%3AtireCategory%3AsummerTires%3AtireCategory%3AcompetitionTires&sort=bestSeller-asc&page=0


    Number of tire options in the 16″ size is less than the 17″ size.

    You can always go to a 17″ wheel tire setup.  Prices for both tires and especially wheels have risen sharply in the last year, while availability of both is limited.

    I will caution you on going to a wider stickier (200TW) tire with the stock suspension may not give the best results.

    From Brian Goodwin:  https://forum.miata.net/vb/showpost.php?p=10520738&postcount=8

    17×9’s and 235/40r17 on stock suspension is a mess, you grip long enough to chuck yourself deep into the bumpstops and then you rebound out of the stops and pogostick your way around the turn. Frankly, if running 100 percent stock suspension I would keep to a narrow tire for now. On that page of ours that you linked it says do suspension first: ‘We consistently recommend folks do suspension mods BEFORE the bigger wheel and tire package because bigger wheels and tires need additional roll resistance, and lowering springs and/or coilovers provide access to more negative camber that tips the top of the tires inward under the fender lips for easier fit.

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    You can go up to 225/45 on 17x7s nicely.. That is what I run for autox on my ND with stock springs.  The 225s will rub a bit at full lock.  If you don’t like that, going down to 215 will work.

    I have run the Advan A052s and they will definitely get you some of the best times if that is what you are concerned about.  They wear more like 100tw though, so be prepared to go through at least one set per season.  You won’t get the best road feel from them due to softer sidewall.

    I’ve heard good things about Falken RT660s, which sound like a better compromise between grip, durability and road feel.

    I currently also have a set of Kumho Ecsta V730s..  These are nice because they maintain grip through heat cycles during a long day at limerock and will last a lot longer than the advans..  Better feedback too.  Not nearly as grippy as the advans and do not get amazing times though.  I use these most days to have fun and when I want a good time I throw the advans on.

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    Thank you all for your comments   I appreciate the information and the passion and dedication to our love of these cars




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