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    Hello All, I’m new to the club and looking forward to meeting with members to talk Miata’s. I have a Red 1990 with 57,900 miles and have owned it for 16 years. She’s in very good condition, all original. I’m seeking your help on recommendations for tires. (Manufacturer, model…) Currently running P185/60 R14 82H.  Summer driving only, no rain, a lot of New Hampshire White Mountains driving – ups/downs with plenty of curves. Highway cruising around 75mph. Thanks for your help. Dave

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    It is difficult to recommend a tire because the availability of 14″ tires is severely limited…at this point it is ‘get whats available’ in that size


    The 185/60 tire size is the stock size…a lot of folks move to 15″ wheels because there are more choices

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    There are very limited choices in 185/60-14 tires. Even fewer if you are looking for ‘performance summer tires’. If ‘Touring-All Season’ tires are considered, you have a larger but limited group to choose from.

    In Touring-All Season tires, Tire Rack shows 11 different tires and 1 Extreme Performance Summer tire.

    Keep in mind that today’s All-Season tires are better tires than what was available back in 1990.



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    The Direzzas are available on Tire Rack in that stock size. It’s a sticky summer performance tire, a bit expensive, but I suspect that if you give them a try you’ll never go back to an all-season.

    If you step the side wall down to 55 they have the Yokohama S.Drives on close out. Bumps MIGHT  be slightly more harsh, but it is a very small difference in diameter. If I were you this is what I would go for, but don’t take too long. As of my writing this, Friday morning, there are only 7 left.

    Good luck,


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    Thanks guys for the help/suggestions. I took the advice of Dave McCaughan and ordered Direzzas this morning. Having them mounted next Wednesday. They’re first road trip will be to Cape Cod on 6/27. Can’t wait to drive on them!  Looking forward to meeting you all. Dave

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