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    This year, Crista and I decided we could cut down our garage from 3 cars to 2. So we planned to put the Miata on the road for the winter for the 1st time.  I bought tires and wheels, all mounted and balanced, from Tire Rack and picked them up since the warehouse is only 10 minutes from our house.  I included TPMS sensors with the purchase.

    In October, I swapped the wheels on the car in my garage, then followed Tire Rack’s instruction on “training” the TPMS sensors.  No luck, the light blinked for a short while then came on solid.  After putting up with it for a while, I visited the Mazda dealer for a solution.  They found that the front left sensor was faulty – would not program correctly.

    I then spoke to Tire Rack’s customer service, got a new sensor from the warehouse, and had a local wheel shop install it.  Drove about 1-2 miles and the light went out … hoorayyy!  Investment so far correcting this was something like $101.  So I emailed Tire Rack and they received my receipt copies.  Just over a week later, I received a credit for the full amount in my account.

    Great customer service and always got a human on the phone when calling.

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    Glad that your tire Rack experience was positive…but that does not surprise me at all…those guys are the absolute best at customer service…there is even a ‘miata guy’ that monitors the wheel/tire section on Miata.net…and posts when necessary to let folks know the real scoop

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    Next time someone needs this service LMK I have the latest and greatest in the TPMS scanners and tools at work I can borrow for an evening to help a brother out!

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    I always get my tires from Tire Rack, and have them installed by Route 10 Tire in Simsbury even though I live in Waterbury.

    I tried Joe’s Tire in Waterbury at the suggestion of a club member, but their standards have tanked! They left me with under pressurized directional tires mounted on two wheels backwards! I couldn’t believe it, they’re a tire shop, that’s all they do!!

    However, the guy’s at Route 10 Tire are very good and will do alignments to your specifications.


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