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    I have a 1990 Miata with 55,000 miles. When should the timing belt be replaced? I thought 60,000 miles. I ran into a Miata owner today who said that is correct but it’s either 60K or 10 years. Which is correct?
    Should any other work be done at the same time as the replacement?
    Any recommendations as to where to have the work done?

    Thank you,


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    Depends on your tolerance…the 60k is ‘recommended’…the 10 years, not so much…unless California original purchase then it was 100k…same parts…emissions related warranty thing…go figger…


    Way to many people go to 80-90k…or when the waterpump starts to leak.  I have done so many of these, it is rare to actually find an original belt, but I have run across a few that were still perfectly fine at 30 years old….stop over, I can show you a couple that I keep on hand.  I have done at least 50 of these jobs…and keep kits on hand.  the thing about the 90 is when doing this one, the crank bolt should be replaced…the new bolt that is available is a slightly different design and stronger, and using a higher crank bolt torque that is shown in most shop manuals. Most shops would not know this…someone who specializes would (yours truly)

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    Thank you very much Joe. It sounds like I still have time before any work is needed.  Appreciate your input


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    If your belt should fail, I think you’ll just be stuck, but your engine internals will be fine. I did my belt on my NB at a tech session with club members giving a hand.


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