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    This Leaf Peeper Run will be a tough act to follow. Hosted by long time NMC members Dave and Cindy Little, and garnering the attendance of more colorful Miatas than I think I have seen before in one CT group (I believe 40), it was super well-choreographed. Choreographed…I kinda like that term. It suggests pageantry and fun and large gatherings and a host of other positive things that are sorely needed during our Covid-19 pandemic.
    Sadly, it knocked out Holly’s and my Wine and Dine Run for June 23rd, as all restaurants and Wineries were closed by government edict at the time. You can’t keep a good group down though, and we have come back strong with our brand of fun.
    We started at the Big-Y in Old Saybrook. Dave led off with the first ten cars. We otherwise split into four groups for the sake of the general public and also for sticking together. OTM’s (Other than Miatas) break in to our formations many times, people either in a hurry or oblivious of the colorful sameness they behold as we breeze by. Others recognize that we are one unit, traveling snake fashion over CT’s roads and they hold traffic back on our behalf. Those drivers we thank sincerely. The others? ARGGGHH! (But surely we must share the roads. Yeah, but…)
    Ten cars appear to be the optimal number for conducting these Runs. I mention these things for our newer members’ edification. We traveled at a quick but safe pace north as far as Devil’s Hopyard and the swing-bridge across the Connecticut River in Haddam and as far south as the CT shore. Matter of fact, we got caught by river traffic at the bridge.
    Dave and Cindy picked just the best roads for us. Each tested a feature of driver expertise and provided great views for our co-pilots and us of trees, farmland and well-manicured properties along the way. The written directions were excellent.
    A short missive like this can’t do justice to the pleasure we all experienced, but it can chronicle the event. I will finish by saying that our end point was back in Old Saybrook at the Little Pub restaurant, under their big tent where we shared the camaraderie of our fellow travelers at separated tables to cap off a really well run and fun event.
    Thank you, Dave and Cindy. You done good!

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    Could not have put it any better…as always, the Benton Perspective nails it

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