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    Dave McCaughan

    Fall Tech Day

    Dave’s House: 14 Twin Ridge Rd. New Milford 06776- 10am-7pm

    Note: DO NOT come up Mine Hill (rough, small, dirt) from 67, use Old Turnpike East or Second Hill off 67 instead.

    Lawn Games, Fire Pit, Plenty of room inside if rainy. I’m planning Asian/Hawaaiian BBQ for lunch. Chicken, pork, rice, mac salad, etc. For those who know- Plate Lunch baby!

    If you have a job in mind, please sign up and we can arrange to get started early if necessary. Fluid flushes, please bring fluids and a container to remove old fluid.

    Looking forward to a great day with everyone!

    Again, if you have a job in mind, please post up here so that we can be prepared for the job, and the number of people who are looking to work on their cars. If not posted here, I can not guarantee that your job can be accommodated.


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    Peter Amato

    Ok as long as the restaurant is Dave’s Hawaiian Time 😉

    Dave McCaughan


    That is fantastic! I’m glad you enjoyed lunch enough to create that, too funny.

    And thank you all for the kind words. Could not have asked for better weather. The turnout was indeed spectacular. I do want to apologize for the confusion on the sign up, I always forget about changing the default setting on the event page when I set it up. It’s particularly frustrating because this one event that really is unlimited, we didn’t even use the inside, deck, screen porch, or backyard! Let’s try and make it even bigger and better next year.

    And it wouldn’t be a tech day without all those who worked on their cars and helped others work on their cars. To all those who turned wrenches- mahalo!

    And also thank you for all who brought breakfast, and contributed food and supplies. Next year I’ll just order the food from a restaurant so I can enjoy working on cars and socializing! 😉


    Peter Amato

    What was the highlight of Tech Day at Dave’s… Where to start?

    • The crystal clear perfect Fall day In Connecticut.
    • The twisty scenic roads on the rout to Dave’s house.
    • Meeting new members amongst the huge crowd that attended.
    • The constant discussion and comradely in the ever widening circle of camp chairs.
    • Watching the more mechanically inclined assist their fellow members with jobs ranging from replacing a bulb to replacing motor mounts.
    • Leisurely checking out each of the 30 plus miatas while sharing tips and tricks with fellow owners.
      ALL Great…. BUT Dave’s Delicious Delectable Plate Lunch was the BEST!
    Joe Wall

    A big thank you to Dave for hosting yesterday.  the Clubmember turnout was pretty good too!!


    Lots of folks…great food…and a decent amount of actual work done


    Evan did his motor mounts on his 90…both were broken

    5 oil changes

    one cruise control servo install

    One ARC intake install…for those with 1.6 it

    On a NC a Moroso coolant tank and PS reservoir install

    and a tire rotation on my AE

    Thanks to Mike Lmb for fiddling with someone’s NC 12V outlet and getting it to work

    Lots of questions asked and answered.

    special thanks to Pete D, helping Evan… Mike Lamb and Evan pitching in on the oil changes too…long but very productive day



    Levi Reyes

    Thank you Dave and your family for opening your beautiful house and making the tech day a great turnout!  We could not ask for a beautiful top down weather.  The Hawaiian food theme was top chef quality.  I just need to know which restaurant you bought the white rice and the smoked pulled pork.  LOL (joke)

    Thank you also to Joe our fearless leader for talking Dave into clearing his garage and making this a reality.   I remembered back in May after the car show that led to this event.  Joe said, “if you cleared your garage, we can have a tech day here”.   4 months later and here we are.

    Likewise to my fellow club members for helping me diagnose my 2018 ND retractable hardtop circuit/motor.  Thank you!

    Nevertheless, I really enjoyed socializing with the rest of the club members, too many to mention your names.

    Hope to see everyone at the Christmas Holiday Party.  Hint:  I heard Joe is going to raffle one of his old Miata’s.


    Jim Merchant

    Dave – Your yard and setup were perfect for the group today. I am glad I made the trip to New Milford and loved some of the roads into your place. The food was also perfect, thanks to you and Sam for doing it all.

    -Jim Merchant

    Chris Lenz

    Thanks so much, Dave. I will.

    Sorry to hear about your back. Feel better!

    Dave Little

    Chris Lenz, I won’t be going this morning.  Hurt my back and can’t do the long drive up there.  You can take my spot if you want.
    Dave L.

    Abby Wurtmann

    We are looking forward to later today!   A generous birthday gift has brought us Moroso overflow tank and PS reservoir and we hope to get both installed.  We will be bringing fluids, clean containers, and chairs!

    Chris Lenz

    Good morning.

    I would like to attend the tech session 10-1 today but I see that it is full. If this could open up more or someone can’t make it, please let me know.


    Dave McCaughan

    OK all, the weather is looking like it will clear by Saturday morning, so that’s good. Might be a little damp in the AM, but hope that doesn’t deter anyone from getting here before lunch.

    I probably should have mentioned it earlier, but the turnout looks to be pretty good, so if those who see this can bring their own folding chair that would be great. I have lots of chairs, probably to cover those who don’t see this post tonight or tomorrow.

    Levi, that electrical looks pretty simple, I do have a bunch of multimeters and a selection of probes etc. I also suspect we can find more than one member familiar with pushing buttons 😉

    Levi Reyes

    If anyone is good in basic 12v electrical stuff, I need help diagnosing my Retractable Hardtop motors output voltage.

    Step 1. has been completed and rear roof link motor is operational.

    Step 2 and 3, I need an extra hands to operate the Retractable Hardtop switch while I measure the voltage at the terminal.

    Retractable Hardtop voltage diag

    Voltage should be:
    • Pulse: max. 5 V/min. 0 V

    Dave Little

    I see on the Events Page that signup is full, if you can take 2 more, Cindy and I would like to go.

    Dave McCaughan

    I swapped mine for the Jeep ones. Pretty straightforward, but if I ever want to get them back out, it might not be easy. I have plastic pry tools, I’ve never pulled NB vents, but sounds like a good mod.

    It was pointed out to me that I said Sunday in a earlier post. Oops! Of course I meant to say Saturday.

    Peter Amato

    This is not a complicated job , but does anyone have experience replacing NA / NB eyeball vents with Mitsubishi Eclipse vents?   I got 4 Eclipse vents a while back. I  haven’t attempted the replacement for fear of damaging the dash or breaking the inner tabs that hold the vents in place.  If anyone has some plastic  pry-bar tools those probably would work better that the string and credit card suggestions I’ve read about in the Miata forums.  Here’s a picture of the Eclipse vent replacement that I’d like to do.

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