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    Joe Wall

    What we have all been waiting for…a Club Event!!


    the Wine/Dine ride was previously cancelled, but another Clubmember stepped up and planned a ride to replace the cancelled event.  I would like to thank Mike Z for planning a ride…a few details still to be worked out.


    It will start in East Haven…exact spot I am waiting on the address for…and will end in the Middletown area…exact spot e re working on.  Restaurants that have outdoor seating that are willing to take a group…properly distanced, masked, etc, etc…are hard to come by.  We are waiting on the answer from our first choice in Portland…not sure if they will take us because their outdoor area is limited to 30 seats.  We may have to limit our numbers…a work in progress.  But there is progress!!


    stay tuned and watch your Club email for details as we go forward…but at least we have something on the calendar and it is not a re-hash of a prior ride…and in an area we seldom venture



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    Peter Amato


    I edited the event on the website so that our club members can sign up on line and a a maximum of 26 people can attend.  Reminder to members, when you RSVP choose 1 or 2 spaces if you and your co pilot will be having lunch.



    Joe Wall

    the start point will be…


    Stop and Shop parking lot

    370 Hemingway Ave

    East Haven CT


    Joe Wall

    Had a nice chat with the owner of the restaurant that we are looking to end at…in Portland…and they are more than happy to accomodate a group of 26 bodies in their patio dining area…proper state mandated propocols in place…masks..etc..ets  Our count has to be EXACT prior to our arrival.  They only have so many allowed spaces on their patio…and we are not going to take ALL of their spots…


    of course the indoor dining area will now be opening, with restrictions, on June 17…3 days after us


    we are good to go for Sunday June 14…arriving at the restaurant sometime between 1 and 2…


    I will get with Mike and nail down a better timeline…and start point address…etc..


    At least we have an official event to do!!

Viewing 3 replies - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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