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    Rita Chamberlain

    Location : 8 Elena Drive, New Milford, CT 06776

    Time: 10:00am to whenever

    Lunch provided, breakfast and snack donations appreciated. Canned and dry goods will be collected for the local food bank.

    Please bring containers for carrying out any used fluids.

    Jeff, the Dent Tech, will be in attendance to fix your boo-boos.

    Post here if you are planning a big job and RSVP to the Events page.

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    Tom Marron

    A late Thank You to Rita and Scott for hosting the Spring Tech Day. The weather was perfect, and the food was excellent as usual. Thanks to Joe for the help with my task, and to Gerry for providing an o-ring when Amazon didn’t.   -Tom

    Dave Hallgren

    Thank you to Scott and Rita, the epitome of graciousness, as we all invaded their home for the day! It was a fantastic, post pandemic day for the club to be normal again and I even got to have two 50 mile Miata drives in with my kids.

    Dave McCaughan

    I would like to add my thanks to Scott and Rita for their hospitality today. Every tool we asked for was quickly supplied. The food… The food! Rita, you have created a paragon we all aspire to!

    I even got work on my own car done, thanks to minds and hands who stepped in to help me get it done.

    The best of the club was in full effect today. The Hallgrens stepped up big time, thank you.


    Joe Wall

    Thank you Scott and Rita for once again hosting the Spring Tech get together.  A few things taken care of for folks today and as usual, an outstanding lunch provided by Rita.

    The Dent Doctor stayed busy for a good portion of the day, as usual.

    Good food collection for the New Milford Food bank.  thank you to all that brought canned goods, etc.  much appreciated

    Doug Fenichel

    Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to come after all.  We will see you all at the next event.


    (973) 769-0688

    Tom Marron

    Thanks Gerry.

    Gerard Downes

    Tom, I have some CAS O Rings that I will bring tomorrow.

    Tom Marron

    Hey Joe- My Amazon order that includes the o-ring was supposed to deliver by today, but now shows as “delayed”. Could I pick one up off of you if the one I ordered doesn’t arrive in time? Thanks in advance.

    Joe Wall

    Sounds good

    Tom Marron

    Thanks Joe. I have a valve cover gasket already (I have a spare Fel-Pro one on-hand, but since the Fel-Pro in the car now hasn’t done well, I also bought a Victor Reinz… read some positive comments online about their gaskets). I’ll have the O-ring today, and some fresh plugs while I’m at it. Just have to check my supply of the Permatex for the corners.

    Joe Wall

    I can lend a hand with that…let me know if you need either of those parts…I have them on hand

    Tom Marron

    I’m thinking this Tech Day will be a good opportunity to address some oil seepage around the top of the engine… looking to change out my leaky valve cover gasket, and replace the CAS O-ring while things are apart. I haven’t done the CAS O-ring replacement before, and not sure if it’s ever been done on my car.

    See you all Saturday. Looks like the weather is going to be great. -Tom

    Dan Riccio

    Spring tech day is a great way to meet other club members and have fun!

    Hope to see you there!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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