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    So I was scratching my head, getting really frustrated with an issue that I thought was due to an aftermarket throttle body I put in the car, causing it to run rough at idle.  I decided to go back to my stock throttle body, and believe I ended up frying it in the process when I wired it up wrong.   At that point, Lance offered to come all the way out to Lebanon, over 3 hours drive for him, and help replace it with a spare he had and get everything wired back up correctly.   Lo and behold, the car was still running rough at idle after putting the stock one back in, and I got to learn all about how to chase down intake leaks, pulling off the manifold and replacing hoses, etc…  As it turns out, in another incredible act of stupidity, while changing the oil during the initial install of the aftermarket throttle body, I had forgotten to close the drain valve on my oil catch can..  This was my problem all along.   So what turned out to be a couple weeks of frustration for me, and entire day spent troubleshooting for Lance, could have been solved if I had simply remembered to flick a switch.  Go figure.

    So, shout out to Lance for taking time out of his weekend to visit me and help get the car back up and running for the club event next weekend! He also brought a friend, who shared a very nice bottle of bourbon and gave us the opportunity to take his pristine AP1 S2000 out for a jaunt.   That’s a special car.  Fun times.

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    Well…at least you found the problem…and had some good times with friends

    I got the video…which was quite amusing…

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hey Rob!  Not a problem at All!  Helping people is what I enjoy doing.  I have a Gid given talent, and I’m going to use it!</p>
    Today at the Auto-x people were mentioning that they heard about your issues and that I helped and that you were giving me thanks on the forum.  I’m just getting home showered and figured I would check in on this.


    Again, anytime!  That’s what Miata friends are for!  Thanks for letting me take out your ND HKS today on the track!!  OMG!   What a monster!  Not just the power, the grip setup you have , suspension, ect!  A precision knives that car is!


    See you hopefully at the Poker run!



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