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    Too many distracted drivers were getting scary to ride the Harley, so it is gone. Thats the bad news, The good news,, is that I am the proud owner of a 93 Miata I found up in Vermont.

    Took it home along Rte. 7 to CT. I am in love with this car, I hope to get a chance to meet you all as I am a newbie to Miata.


    Tom Maguire

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    You are not the first to switch from a bike to a Miata…we have several in the Club.


    Feel free to stop over with your new to you Miata for a once over



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    Thank you for the offer of a stop over, I would like an owner to check it out.

    My cell is 860-480-8325, up here in Warren


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    I have had bikes and now have a Miata, I’ve found that going flat around a corner is more fun than leaning around one. Plus, a wind cutting windshield, having an iced tea, the ac blowing cool air with no helmet…what’s not to love?

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    New member as of Jan 2021….Did NOT sell bike….:). Like my ’07 Silver NC, my BMW RT makes me smile also.

    Looking forward to some events and meeting some members.

    John and Janice

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