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    Robert Meany

    Next year.. Won’t be lettin’ no piddly vipers, porsches or ‘vettes beat my baby…

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    Joe Wall

    Wait until after the first of the year when this ‘season pass’  is formalized.  the plan thrown out after the shootout was something along the line of 4 LRP sponsored coaching days…plus once a month lapping days (weekdays)…and additional pass holder events not determined…


    based on their 2021 prices…this is the cost of 4 weekend 4hr events…plus at least 5 other ‘freebies’ of the same length…


    the event last thursday had 60 paid entries of all different types…privately run with NO LRP staff…60 cars…9am to 5pm…$130…multiple configurations…line up as often as you wish. by 2pm at least 20 cars had gone home…do the math.

    do your research…there are more options for a hard core enthusiast


    and remember..all events at the LRP autoX course do NOT require a helmet ($$$)…or a rollbar($$$)…how is that math lookin now?

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    Pete DelMastro

    I hope LRP does something to address the ‘affordability gap’ for their events. They’re fun, but jeez, for $1000, I could get a new set of tires AND run a full-season of events with a local autox club like CART  or FCSCC

    Levi Reyes

    I look forward to our LRP AutoX club event which is much more affordable.

    Joe Wall

    The way the shootout works is that ANYONE that posted a time over the course of the year is on the LRP list…they decide at the end of the year who gets invited based on the standings. So if you look at the standings sheet for the short course, you will find all of the Nutmeg Club times.  Ya gotta be well under 20 seconds on the short course to even think about a sniff at the top 30.


    There was mention at the after gathering of a ‘subscription’ plan for anyone that wants to do multiple LRP sponsored autoX days.  I think he mentioned 4 weekend events and one weekday a month with the cost being in the $1000 range.  That plan is seperate from our Club event. That  ‘season pass subscription’ information will be posted after the first of the year on the LRP page.

    Robert Meany

    Getting a season pass for next year.. I’m hooked.

    Levi Reyes

    Maybe next year, we can try to qualify again.


    Joe Wall

    Thank you Pete


    3 Miatas in the mix…twenty cars in the shootout…top 10 went to the final round…


    None of us made it…oh well…


    good day all around.  A C8 took it all in the end.  Lots of American Muscle in the final mix

    Levi Reyes

    Looks like I missed a good track event.

    Pete DelMastro

    Here’s some pics I got of Joe, Robert, & a couple of the other competitors at the AXIS Shootout on Saturday … enjoy!

    — Pete

    Robert Meany

    All better

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    Joe Wall

    Looks like 3 Nutmeg members will be running on Saturday…not bad!!

    Joe Wall

    i had a nice chat with Mike from LRP earlier.


    Bottom line…if you are either IN or CLOSE to a shaded area on either list…it would be wise to show up.  Not everyone that is above you will show up…and the chance of getting in is pretty good.  Even if you don’t, its a nice way to spend the afternoon.  He did say that more information will come out later this week…so stay tuned!!


    So…Robert, you are IN the shaded area on the full course timing.  You should plan on being there on saturday, along with Lance and myself.  We are both in the shaded area of the list for short course timing

    Joe Wall

    OK…here is the link to the full list…short course timing

    look carefully…some names are on BOTH lists


    Click to access 2021%20Autocross%20Standings%20Half%20Course.pdf


    The way this has worked in the past, the top 20 get invited…then the next 10 get invited to try and ‘bump’ into the field.  And there are mALWAYS some people that just don’t show up.  So if you are anywhere near the top 30…plan on showing up.


    I will call the track first thing in the morning and try to get some more info.  I already talked to Mike up there last Friday about the lack of a published  standings list.  He said that someone was working on the list and their last track sponsored event was this past Saturday, then the list would go out.


    stay tuned…I will post any additional info in the morning



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