Saturday, September 24, 2022 Fall Tech Day

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    Unsure if there is a thread already opened for this event.  I apologize for this.

    I don’t really have plans on working on my car except to have an excuse to drive my car, offer some help, and socialize this Saturday, Tech Day at Dave’s house.


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    Thanks Levi, I didn’t start a thread. I did have a couple messages and emails about work wanting to get done, nothing too unusual, but work will be happening on member’s cars. The Hawaiian Plate lunch will be in full effect. Looking forward to seeing everyone and hanging out.

    Fred Wright, if you’re reading this we’ll be working on flasher relays, so stop by and claim yours!


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    I am looking forward to spending the day with Clubmembers…and helping out when needed.


    Monthly meeting will be happening at some point also.

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    OK….here it is 3:00 Friday afternoon and it popped into my head…”What should we bring to eat or drink?….Then I saw your South Pacific reference. Let us know if we should bring anything…..but I’m sure you would have asked already….I didn’t know, didn’t see any requests as this is our first Tech Day.

    See y’all tomorrow.

    John n Janice

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    Many thanks to Dave for opening his beautiful house once again and serving Hawaiian themed feast!

    That smoked BBQ pulled pork was so good complementing it with white rice and sprinkle of crisp seaweed.

    I arrived late in the afternoon and glad to have seen some of the regular Nutmeg club members.

    Thanks again everyone it was a beautiful day.

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