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    The weather forecast for Saturday may include some shower activity but our enthusiasm is not dampened!

    Caution – Squash Hollow Road leading to Elena Drive is undergoing a repaving project. Watch out for trenches across the road filled with gravel from drain work and watch out for parked construction vehicles.

    If you have room, bring a folding chair for your comfort.

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    Thank you for the heads up Rita


    see you saturday morning

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    Unfortunately, I have to miss this great event.

    Hope to make it next time.


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    How do you sign up to get something looked at/assistance on for this thing tomorrow? I’m having a small problem with my driver side manual rollup window. It feels really tight towards the top inch or two, and I feel like I’m going to snap the handle off trying to get that window all the way up. The roll up thing is new. I just replaced it. I feel like I have something out of alignment but I just don’t know?

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    I am planning to come tomorrow… No major projects on my car right now, but would like to take the opportunity to have some help tracking down the source of some annoying under-car rattles. I’ve banged around with a mallet a few times, but haven’t managed to pinpoint the source… See you all tomorrow. Thanks. -Tom

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