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    Any recommendations on places to replace an NA soft top?

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    Chris Meier is a former member a close friend of the club. He does dozens of tops a year, he’s the guy to call. I’ll PM you his contact info.

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    I am also looking to replace a soft top and would be interested in contacting Chris.


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    Brian, I sent you an email.


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    Good day all. I finally got my Login corrected (Thanks Jim).

    Since the topic has come up, let’s talk tops…. Having installed 199 to date, I have seen a bunch of manufacturers and styles. What I have found is that there are two main groups of owners, ones that shop by price only, and the others that shop by quality.

    Maybe I can steer you all toward the top that fits your budget as well as one that fits your car.

    First off, do not buy from eBay or Amazon. They sell whatever their suppliers SAY will fit your car. They know nothing about cars, nothing about tops, nothing about the tops for our cars. It’s all a roll of the dice as to what shows up in the box. You might save 20-30-40 bucks on the top, but then spend 80-90-100 in the extra time it takes for me (or someone else) to get it to actually fit your car correctly.

    Next, HARTZ Vinyl is the pattern printed into the material, NOT the way it is cut. Original vinyl will look nice installed, but again the more important thing is how it is cut/glued/ formed and are the mounting holes in the correct spots?

    Where does that leave you when it is time to get a new top? Shopping for a Robbins top.

    Yes, Robbins has the market share, and they sell a LOT of tops. Their stuff fits well, goes on easy, and they stand behind their products. About 8 years ago they had an issue with rear glass windows failing but they have completely revised their manufacturing and I have not seen an issue since.

    Canvas or vinyl is up to your wallet and what look you are after. Canvas is what the factory has used on their SE’s and ‘Speeds since the NB debuted. It is a classic look that evokes the British sports cars our beloved Miata was originally designed from. Vinyl is less expensive and works well. They both last 6+ years with good care, longer if you are diligent.

    A couple cautions: Do NOT put down a plastic rear window top below 50*, clean your top drains at least yearly but use a vacuum from under the car (pushing a trombone brush or coat hanger through the tube from the top can dislodge the tube from the scupper box), DO NOT buy a rain rail if I am doing the install (my method leaves yours in the car and I have free spares if something is wrong with yours).

    Lastly, if price is really your biggest concern and you need a top that fits, the XT line from Moss was designed by Robbins and was then sold off to Extreme Tops. They fit well and go on like a Robbins top should.

    If you have questions or are going to DIY, get hold of me and I am happy to offer some advice.

    Many smiles and safe miles to all!



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    The top meister has spoken…Chris has done dozens of tops for Clubmembers.  he does a better job than most shops, because he only does Miata tops, and KNOWS how to do Miata tops. he is the go=to guy in this neck of the woods.



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