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    Joe Wall

    start point is SOPHIA’S PLAZA, 2 North Rd, East Windsor .on RT 140.  Just off of I 91 N EXIT 45 at the intersection of RT 140 and Rt 5.

    Gather for 10am drivers meeting and mini-monthly meeting.  First car out at 10:30
    Plenty of places at this interchange for gas, coffee and breakfast

    14th Annual Poker Run.  Yup…14 Poker Runs in the books! The basics are this…you and your navigator are given a set of written directions. Follow the directions and you will find the finish point for lunch. Don’t ask, because I am not telling ahead of time where the finish is. Pretty simple. the only technology you need is a pencil or pen…a clipboard comes in handy. Along the way you will be given questions to answer. Anything you can see from your car after you leave the start is fair game for a question. Some may be in the form of a riddle. When the instructions say TAKE A CARD, look for a sign on the side of the road.  the bag hanging on the sign will have sealed envelopes with cards inside.  Best poker hand at the end gets the cheezy trophy. Nothin’ to it!

    A few things…this is a RAIN OR SHINE event.  If you sign up, SHOW UP. Deadline for signup is FRIDAY AUGUST 13 about 8pm.  This is very important because i need an EXACT car count.  I put just enough cards on the signs on Saturday afternoon so everything is in place for Sunday fun. Figure on  3 – 4 hours  and a little over 100 miles. This is a self paced ride, so your time will depend on your driving style. This is NOT a race…finishing first just means that you spend more time at the finish socializing. There will be a review of all the questions and answers.

    Are you smarter than a 5th grader?…only time will tell!!


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    Matt LeBlanc

    Hi Guys

    I have tried to cancel my RSVP for this but  have been getting an error.


    Please take me off the list..

    Other Miata business has come up for that day… Heading to New Hampshire to pick up a 2004 Mazda speed.




    Joe Wall

    Well..well…this will be a record breaking year for the Poker Run…if everyone that is signed up shows up


    Now up to 38 cars!…WOW!!!

    Joe Wall

    please stop sending me messages asking where the Poker Run ends…


    it starts in East Windsor and ends further EAST…

    Joe Wall

    North road


    its about 150 yards off exit off I 91 north…get off the exit. turn right, go to the light and it is right there


    There is a gas station..burger king..cracker barrel all right there also

    Dave Little

    Joe, I am seeing two addresses for Sophias Plaza on the events page.
    is it 122 prospect hill rd. Or 2 north road ?

    Joe Wall

    It looks like we are now up to thirty cars for the Poker Run…with a little over a week left to sign up



    this is a VERY good thing…thank you all for signing up well in advance

    Joe Wall

    You folks are gonna like what is in store for you.  Route finished…end point found and sampled.  All is right in Poker Run world

    Joe Wall

    Well..I see that some folks were waiting for more information to get posted…


    up to 28 cars now!!!


    this one is proving to be a bit of a challenge.  the route is pretty much finished…some new roads i discovered, a few spots I have used in the past but not in quite a while and strung together differently…definitely ‘interesting’ for the driver.  Lots of very technical back roads in an area we do not frequent.


    which is a bit of a problem for me so far…i have to find a way to finish it!!  The area we will be exploring is a restaurant desert and we might have to have a bit of boring at the end to get someplace that can take our group.

    I will get it figgered out and still make it fun.  Plan on an all day thing

Viewing 8 replies - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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