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    Joe Wall

    start point is SOPHIA’S PLAZA, 2 North Rd, East Windsor .on RT 140.  Just off of I 91 N EXIT 45 at the intersection of RT 140 and Rt 5.

    Gather for 10am drivers meeting and mini-monthly meeting.  First car out at 10:30
    Plenty of places at this interchange for gas, coffee and breakfast

    14th Annual Poker Run.  Yup…14 Poker Runs in the books! The basics are this…you and your navigator are given a set of written directions. Follow the directions and you will find the finish point for lunch. Don’t ask, because I am not telling ahead of time where the finish is. Pretty simple. the only technology you need is a pencil or pen…a clipboard comes in handy. Along the way you will be given questions to answer. Anything you can see from your car after you leave the start is fair game for a question. Some may be in the form of a riddle. When the instructions say TAKE A CARD, look for a sign on the side of the road.  the bag hanging on the sign will have sealed envelopes with cards inside.  Best poker hand at the end gets the cheezy trophy. Nothin’ to it!

    A few things…this is a RAIN OR SHINE event.  If you sign up, SHOW UP. Deadline for signup is FRIDAY AUGUST 13 about 8pm.  This is very important because i need an EXACT car count.  I put just enough cards on the signs on Saturday afternoon so everything is in place for Sunday fun. Figure on  3 – 4 hours  and a little over 100 miles. This is a self paced ride, so your time will depend on your driving style. This is NOT a race…finishing first just means that you spend more time at the finish socializing. There will be a review of all the questions and answers.

    Are you smarter than a 5th grader?…only time will tell!!


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    Bob Reiling

    Thank you Joe, on all of your work on the poker run! Had a great time on roads and in an area of Connecticut I’ve never been to before, only made a few wrong turns ! Thanks again

    Joe Wall

    Thanks for the  positive comments on the ride.  I like taking folks to places that they would not usually find


    As for Paul and his daughter with the coolant leak…well, AAA really gave them fits, pushing back the pickup time until VERY late.  but…his car, and he and daughter, finally made it to my place in Waterbury about 11 last night.  Car unloaded and in my driveway for a look this afternoon.  then I took them both home to Trumbull last night.  They finally got home about 11: 30 and I got home shortly after midnight.

    John Brandt

    Thank you Joe and NMC for a nice event. It was a great day, weather was about the best it could be (hotter, more humid would not have been fun), the roads, loops, etc were great, been on several of them before on motorcycle…..for a while there…..I thought maybe we were in the movie, The Legacy. (google it if you don’t know it 🙂 )


    I’m sorry, don’t recall the couple who had trouble with their car, coolant…..hopefully they got home safe and sound. Hate when something like that happens to anyone in a group.

    John and Janice

    Lance Lazzara

    Yes it was a blast!  And the weather!

    Thanks again Joe!

    Dave McCaughan


    Just an amazing day with my Miata, my high school buddy, 35 or so other Miatas and their occupants. I do want to thank the three other teams with whom I managed to fall into a group with, you know who you are, what a freak’n blast!

    Joe, awesome roads, expertly linked together, best poker run I’ve been on by a long shot. And I don’t know how much of your soul you had to sell to get that kind of weather, but there can’t be much left! 😂

    Joe Wall

    OK…onlie signups are closed…but an 8am this morning email got a clubmember in at the last minute…lol!!


    No more


    the signs and cards are ready…I am heading out about 2 to doublecheck all the route instructions, questions and put the signs/cards out


    see you all tomorrow morning!!



    Rob Trumbley

    Just sent you an email Joe.  Is it too late to sign up?  If so, let me know if anyone cancels and my wife and I can take their place!

    Lance Lazzara

    People on the route, is going to wonder why there are so many random Miata’s trolling their roads!

    Joe Wall

    I am glad that a member has my number and sent a text…the online cancel RSVP did not work for him either

    Joe Wall

    looks like no last minute sign ups…or cancellations that I do not already know about


    see you all on Sunday…bright and early…10am meeting…10:30 first car out


    This is the list I have…a couple changes from what is on the signup page




    ·         Sargent Tower                           Julian Romero

    ·         Dan Riccio                                 Loren Sirko

    ·         Fred Wright                               Ed Ekmalian

    ·         Bob Reiling                                Brad Rieger

    ·         Lou Grella                                  Jim Merchant

    ·         Peter Amato                               Paul Wettenstein

    ·         Bill Sigworth                             Doug Fenichel

    ·         Penny Daniels

    ·         T.J. White                                   Lance Lazzara

    ·         Carl Pedersen                             John Black

    ·         John Brandt                               Amanda Starbala

    ·         Tim Collins                                Terri Christenson

    ·         Steven Riley                               Patricia Black

    ·         Linnea Lamb                             Bruce Richard

    ·         Chris Stephenson                       Brian Shaw

    ·         Karina Skrypnyk                       Dave Little

    ·         Dave McCaughan                      Evan Beaman

    ·         Diane Mierz                               Michael Zilinek

    Wendy Curran                           Phil Goldberg

    Joe Wall

    No worries Lance…the start is the mini-meeting/driver meeting…and every car will have two people…all I need is the car count so I have the correct amount of cards out for folks to pick up


    As for places to grab breakfast…I would be willing to bet a bunch of folks hit the Cracker Barrel located at the same exit.  Or Burger King…Dunkin Donuts…all conveniently located

    Levi Reyes

    Thanks Joe for taking the time to create a fun event.  Likewise to Angela for the emails and reminders.  It was not missed.

    Perhaps next year, I am ready to do this.

    If my schedule permits, perhaps I can meet everyone at the finish.  Just to see your smiling faces once again!

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    Lance Lazzara

    A little confusing also the sign up page.  Can’t add 2 people, and also can’t select mini meeting option as well. I just selected 1 and I hope it’s known, I’ll be there all day for everything, and I’ll have a passenger.  Couldn’t figure out any other way.

    Jim Merchant

    At the start point, “Baker & The Brew” has great bagels and selection of coffee, plus other breakfast things. We have been there a number of times, as it’s only 10 minutes away.

    Joe Wall

    I have a seperate list for myself…and I took Matt LeBlanc and Randall Stewart off that list


    Anyone else wish to be removed?…if so, post here or send me a message



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