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    Robert Radulski

    I have a 2017 GT ST AT.  The passenger side window won’t move (yes, the window lock is off,).  The driver’s side window works fine.  Can anyone suggest a cause?  The passenger side window doesn’t seem to be fused separately.  Does anyone know of a good Miata mechanic in the New Haven or East Shoreline Area?  I may end up having to take it to either Partyka Mazda or Milford Mazda.  Does anyone have any experience with either or both of those shops?  Thanks.

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    Gerard Downes

    Glad that you fixed it. It’s a bonus when the fix is simple and free.

    Dave McCaughan

    Gerry- FTW! Encyclopedic knowledge, even with the new stuff, impressive. Walking talking 😉

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    Robert Radulski

    Gerard Downes solved the problem.  Much thanks to him.

    Gerard Downes

    It’s possible that the passenger window needs to be re-initialized.


    From the Owner’s Manual (p 3-32):

    Power window system initialization procedure

    If the battery was disconnected during vehicle maintenance, or for other reasons (such as a switch continues to be operated after the window is open/closed), the window will not fully open automatically. Resetting of the automatic function can be performed using the master control switches or each passenger door switch. The power window auto function reset procedure can be done on both door switches. The power window auto function will only resume on the power window that has been reset.
    Close the doors and the convertible top.
    Switch the ignition ON.
    Make sure that the power window lock switch located on the driver’s door is not depressed.
    Press the switch and fully open the window.
    Pull up the switch to fully close the window and continue holding the switch for about 2 seconds after the window fully closed.
    Repeat Steps 4-5 for the passenger power window while seated in the passenger seat.
    Make sure that the power windows operate correctly using the door switches.
    After the system has been re-initialized, passenger window can be fully opened automatically using the master control switches.

    If the automatic power window operation does not operate normally while the doors or convertible top are opened/closed, reset it using the previous procedures.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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