October 15 Track Day at LRP – Long Island Miatas

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    This is a note I received via Facebook. From Michael DiBenedetto  rr_stich666@hotmail.com


    I’m with Miata’s of Long Island and I was trying to get in touch with someone who runs the Nutmeg Miata Club to see if you guys wanted to join us for a track day and car show at Lime Rock on the 15th.

    Miatas of Long Island

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    I got a heads up on this from another Clubmember.


    Other than the fact that the date is our Leef Peep ride…the governing body for this event is EMRA…pretty strict rules on rollbars and helmets…and a hefty entry fee for the track activities.

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    I had inquired about it.  It’s in the $550 range, and yes, roll bar passing broom stick test, and a racing helmet (motorcycle snell-rated helmets will not cut it) are a must… So a no-go for me.  They are doing a ‘car show’ thing for folks who don’t want to get out on the track and I believe that is free.

    I had actually signed up that day on the big track through the LRDC (they had a discount for the LRP autox club members).. But now I am seeing that modified machines is doing another event that day, so I may do that instead :P… and look for another day to drive the big track…

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