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    Hi Fellow Club Members,

    For our 2019 events we have our calendar set but need more details from those who have decided to sponsor an event. If you are sponsoring an event please check the calendar and let me know of what other information needs to be added to the calendar for your event. If you don’t tell me then that specific event will stay listed as is and will not be as successful/fun as it could potentially be with said details.

    Please let me know as soon as you can and I will get the details added ASAP.


    Rob LeClerc

    Events Coordinator NMC


    Angela LeClerc – Secretary
    Nutmeg Miata Club


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    I would like to second Rob and Angela’s comments.

    And in addition to the option of getting the information to Rob or Angela I want to remind our club members that our new website allows the event sponsor to enter all the event details directly from their phone or computer… easy peasy.  Just contact me and I’ll show you how!🤗

    Peter Amato


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