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    I have a 1997 NA and recently I switched the wheels from 14’s to 15’s and thought that made a big difference.  THEN Joe installed Meister R Sportivs on her and had her aligned by Bob, she now drives like a brand new car.  I had my dad drive her (he owned the car for 19 years before me) and after 45 minutes of driving he said “why didn’t you tell me to do this sooner?”.  He always kept her original and was kicking himself.

    If you are thinking about making the change, do it!!!!  No more squeaks or hard bumps, it’s fan-f*cking-tastic 🙂

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    Well…thgat a pretty glowing review for updating a nearly 30 year old suspension


    there are a few others in the club that i have installed the Sportives on , and they seem to be universally liked.  At the price point, entry level adjustable ride height only, these pieces are hard to beat.

    sure, they are not OE…but as time marches on, technology gets better, and these are definitely a step up from standard replacement shocks/springs.  One bonus of these particular units is that they do increase the rear travel, making you less likely to crash down on the bump stops.


    If anyone on a NA/NB all original suspension, its well past time to make an upgrade.


    there are other options out there, but a little further up the food chain comes with increased cost.

    Being realistic with your goals and driving style definitely helps with making a choice.  A more aggressive/enthusiastic driving style will be well served with the MeisterR ZetaCRD (several sets of these in the Club) or the new to the market Tecna from 949 (two sets of those in the Club)


    Feel free to reach out with any questions…or if you are one of those with the Sportives,(Chris, Paul, Drew,MikeZ) post your impressions.

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    New shocks on my 02 NB : 949 racing- Tecna shocks-Touring spring rate…

    I’m one of those that didn’t realize that replacing 21 year old shocks would make such a difference.  Now I’m also wondering “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”   Joe recommended the tecna touring spring rate because I am more interested in a comfortable ride than setting it up for auto cross.   He installed them and Bob did the alignment.  All ready in time for the Little’s Beer Run.

    What an amazing improvement 🥳!

    The cornering is greatly improved no body roll , way less movement and bumps. Terry no longer feels like she’s getting thrown around her seat as we zoom through a curvy road.  The only downside is that now I realize that I need new , better tires 🙄.



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    Thanks for the review Peter…you and John Healy have gotten the Tecna touring installed…angelo, Rob and Dave H have the Tecna Sport.  Nobody is disappointed.

    Technology has gotten so much better over the years and a spring/shock upgrade is something that a bunch of people should think about.  the transformation is well worth the expense.  and its not just the parts…a PROPER alignment as part of the installation is key.  tires is also part of the equation.  Old tires are doing nobody any favors.

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    Fearless Leader Joe Wall recently installed a Flyin’ Miata 2.5 suspension refresh kit in my ’90 NA and WOW what a difference.  As they say in Amazon World: FIVE STARS *****

    I’m the second owner and have loved the car for 15+ years and I guess I just got used to the ride as it gradually degraded and didn’t realize that it was well past time to refresh the suspension.

    I didn’t want to lower the car so I chose the FM2.5 kit which keeps it close to stock ride height, but, oh what an improvement. The FM springs, sway bars, and rear upper mounts (which increase travel) are paired with Koni Sport Shocks  to create an expertly tuned package. Bondo Bob aligned and balanced the car with great precision and also installed a rear chassis brace.

    The car is not just refreshed, but Reborn!  The ride is so much more controlled and precise. It corners really flat. It is virtually unflappable!

    I am so pleased and strongly recommend that Miata enthusiasts who drive the early models should seriously consider upgrading your suspensions if you haven’t already. You will be thrilled! A BIG thank you to Joe and Bob for the fine wrenching.

    Happy motoring,  Mark B


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    I am very happy to hear that you are pleased with the results.

    As you stated, these 30+ year old NA are getting to the point that a suspension refresh is called for.


    Technology marches on and there are now many choices for upgrades.  The Koni/FM package is one…the Tecna from 949 is another…and MeisterR is a third.  All good options at various pricepoints and I have installed all three types on Clubmember cars.

    Look for Black Friday deals at FM…and 949 already has their Tecna on sale.

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    If you are on the fence about upgrading your 30 year old NA in the suspension department…now is a great time to do it!!


    Flyin Miata is offering pretty decent discounts this weekend



    949 is playing the savings game also





    And don’t forget about Goodwin…another great Miata shop



    And the offerings from MeisterR for the NA…also available for other Miatas



    Research is free…shop wisely



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