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    Hey guys! Looking forward to joining some events and getting to know everyone. I’ve had my 2002 SE for a couple years and it is still just as much of a joy to drive as day 1.

    Keeping it stock since it is my reliable daily driver (even through winter with snow tires!) but might get a roll bar someday.

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    Welcome…nice looking NB you have there


    Not many members out East, but the ones we do have try to get to things often enough so that we know who they are

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    Karina, welcome to the club!
    I have a 2001 NB 🙂   You should try to make it to Joe’s Poker Run in August, it’s always fun   Check the events section for updates.  I’m not too far from you, in Clinton



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    Welcome, I drove my NB through 3 winters on snows. The LSD helps keep things tidy. I recommend spraying your undercarriage with “Fluid Film” or some other rust preventative (keep that stuff off of exhaust parts- will eventually burn off, but very smelly).

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    Nice looking car….07 silver GT here.
    Hope to see you at an event or 2.



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