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    Hey NMC,


    I’m a new member from Wallingford, CT! I have a 1995 NA that I bought from a family member in September. It hadn’t ran in quite some time, but after doing brakes, rotors, rear calipers, new tires, and fluids all around; the car runs great! I haven’t been able to drive it much since I got it in Fall and it’s not been too nice, but the couple times I’ve have, I love it. I wanted the car since I turned 16 and plan to keep it for a while. I also have a 2014 Subaru BRZ that’s very lightly modded.


    I’m an avid bowler, DnD player, and play a lot of video games. My discord is: stress3d#1067 . I’m hoping to make it out to some events, but my job and bowling schedule keep me pretty busy.


    See ya around,


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    Welcome to the nuthouse….

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    Hey Jeremy, welcome to the club! I’m from North Haven so not to far from you. Being new to this club myself, I’ve only been to 1 meeting and 1 event, but I had a blast with both. Hopefully I’ll see you at the next May meeting. Take care.

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