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    John Gibbs

    Hello All

    My name is John and I Live in Vernon. I moved to the U.S from England back in 2019. My wife Karen is a Connecticut girl.

    Really pleased to find out there is a group in Connecticut driving MX5s. Looking forward to meeting people in the spring but if it’s a sunny day i’ll try to be there.

    I bought my First MX5 back in March of this year. A 2021 soul crystal Red sport and I cannot belive how much I’ve driven it this year. funny thing is 11000 miles later and I havent actually been anywhere. It’s never been to an appointment or to work as I’m now retired. I’m hopelessly addicted to the fun of it and find I can drive it happily slow or fast as long as the roof is down.

    Really looking forward to meeting other like minded souls and driving New England in the future.The Girl up At Barkhampstead

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    Lance Lazzara

    Welcome to the club!  Amazing group we have here in CT.   Whether it is socially meeting up, going for easy guided cruises looking at fall foliage, or auto-x at lime rock park autocross track nutmeg does it all.  As for giving back to our community we ride the roads of, that we do too.

    Sounds like you have time to be an active member, unlike myself who work and have little ones at home still.  But I’m sure I’ll meet you one of these rides!


    John Gibbs

    Hey Joe and others still driving throughout winter With all this mild weather and sunny days i am watching the forums in the hope that there will be some impromptu get togethers and drives out. I’m not seeing anything on the forums day to day so if anyone is planning to head out and its not raining i’d love to join, all i need is 12 hours notice. Not sure if you are all whatsapping each other or just texting but anyone going out on a trip and wants more people im up for it my numer is of course on my profile.. I am shooting off to florida for a couple of weeks after christmas but aside from that I am retired and have all the time in the world.

    Joe Wall

    Same here…still using the AE…went out with 5 clubmembers yesterday for a 2 1/2 hr ride and lunch.  Good time…gret weather


    heading to hartford and Manchester today for work…top down of course

    John Gibbs

    Same as that Micheal, Ive been out everyday but one this week the temps are mild but unless its raining or snowing i’m headed out, The closest I’ve got to storing it is putting in fuel additive and parking it on mats. I’m still able to use it everyday and always with the top down.  I haven’t had to put a battery tender on it cause i’m still using it so much.

    Michael Brockman

    I can drive in 30 deg. temps if the wind is calm. I keep the windows down, but when the wind picks up, you can roll the passenger window up half-way and prevent the wind from blasting the right side of your neck. Experiment and you’ll find the best arrangement.

    No vehicle I’ve owned has ever been stored. I’m just too lazy.

    John Gibbs

    Thank you Joe

    Unfortunately I will be dropping my wife off at BDL at 2:30pm. But I appreciate the invite and look forward to the next time people ride out. I will leave my Miata in the garage but she’s ready to go if we get a January thaw and I’ll watch these forums to see if anyone is planning a little ride out.

    I wished I’d found out about this club a few months ago and my timing sucks but ill be ready to go in the spring.


    Joe Wall

    Well…welcome to the madness.  I get it about doing the miles and not actually going anywhere.  My ’19 30 AE now has 42k on it.

    A small group of us were out and about this past saturday…hour 1/2 ride to nowhere…then lunch.  I was out today doing my road work for about 4 hours…top down the whole time.  Wearing my Santa hat.

    As for the Holiday get together…Miata is NOT required.  A lot of folks have already put theirs away for the winter, so if you want to show up in something else…you will NOT be alone.


    Information is here on the webpage…and another email is going out tonight.  Feel free to join in the other 50 or so of us on Saturday. Good way to meet some of the members…donate some toys to a good cause…and just have a little fun.



    President NMC

    John Gibbs

    Thank you Michael.

    When I first came to the U.S and Repassed my licences for Cars and Bikes I bought a Cruiser motorcycle and managed to ride that every month of the 19/20 winter season so I expect it to be easy to do the same in the Miata with the heater on full.

    I’m more worried that the neighbours think im a nut job when they see me leave the drive when its 30F

    Fluid Film is not something ive heard about. Keeping salt from underneath her is a priority. I will look inot that thanks.

    Michael Brockman

    Welcome John!

    I love to drive my Miata as often as I can, also. I spray the undercarriage with “Fluid Film” to prevent rust and drive all winter as long as the roads are clear. I have all season tires which won’t perform like winter tires, but they are sticky enough for year round use. I prefer less grip anyway, especially on dry sunny days.

    I had the top up this morning (11-29) going half way to work but as soon as I left for the backroads, I put it down. It was cold outside, but with no wind, I was warm as toast.

    John Gibbs

    Hi Dave

    My wife has to fly to France on buisness on Saturday and I need to get her to the airport. Sadly her bag won’t fit in to the miata or I might have gone on from there 🙂  I expect to have to wait a couple of months now sadly.

    Saying that if it gets milder at all i’m getting her out.

    Dave Little

    Hi John, welcome to the club. Nice car, I love that color 🙂  I drive an Emerald Green Mica 2001 MX-5.
    have you signed up for the holiday party? That is a great way to meet a lot of of club members and have some great conversations about club activities.
    hope to see you at some events next year



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