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    James Davidson
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    Hello all,

    Since I’m officially in the club I figured I’d take a minute and introduce myself and tell my Miata story so far.
    I acquired my 1996 NA8 though a bit of tragedy when a dear friend’s father passed away suddenly. The family had no interest in keeping it and offered it to me since I’m a car enthusiast/general tinkerer and always looking for a project. Now things like this don’t happen to me very often. I won’t get into specifics, but it was essentially gifted to me under the condition that I enjoy it like he did. I drove it home that day and felt like a 16 year old again! I remembered immediately why I love cars.

    It was kept outside in a tent-style carport and had been sitting a while. First things first was to remove the grime and rodent “leavings” that come with storing a car semi-outside. The rear window was blown out so there was quite a mess to deal with inside. That sorted, I sourced a new Streamline top from Robbins via Moss and had Chris Meier get to work on it. Job done! Next, I tackled the 26 year old cooling system which had sprung a leak. It was a heater hose leaking but I replaced the radiator and it’s hoses as well. I did a mild tune up while waiting for those parts to arrive as well (valve cover gasket, plugs and wires, air filter etc). I installed the Moss shifter rebuild/upgrade kit too. After it was running great again I decided it was time to actually be able to hear my tunes and podcasts as well, so in went a pioneer head unit and some kicker door speakers. I’ll get to the headrest speakers eventually. A nice wood shift knob and vent rings from revlimiter have made the interior a nice place to be. Now I’ve exhausted my budget for a while but future plans include updating/upgrading the suspension, some nice wheels and tires, exhaust, the list goes on and on and…

    well that’s it about the Miata- about me; Im a dad to an awesome 8 year old boy, husband to an amazing, understanding wife, and lucky enough to still have my folks around. 78 year old Dad loves sports cars, had an Austin Healy many years ago! I’m a musician, a guitar tinkerer/builder and a Licensed Optician by  profession. I’ll fix your guitar for free but your glasses will require payment 😉.
    I’m in that “middle” part of life at the moment so my time is limited but I really look forward to meeting some of you and doing some fun Miata stuff.

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    James Davidson
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      Hi Joe, yes I’ll be looking for all kinds of advice when I get there. I’m always happy to turn a wrench, even if I don’t have any idea what I’m doing 😅

      James Davidson
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        Hi Dave,

        Theresa’s husband Chris is a good friend of my brother, they were roommates for a few years.
        My son loves to ride in the Miata, he’s barely out of a booster seat but enjoys projects like I do and I let him help with whatever he can do safely.

        I had every intention of keeping it inside the garage for the winter but it got called into service for a few days after someone backed into my daily driver in a parking lot. It was right before Christmas and had to wait a week to get a rental. So now I’m waiting on the body shop and driving in purgatory (aka a rental Nissan Altima). It’s a car and it’s brand new. That’s about all I have to say about it 😂

        My other car is a lightly modded 2015 VW GLI and while it’s much faster and more capable than the Miata in every way, at the end of the day it’s a front wheel drive sedan and it pales in comparison to the liveliness of an NA.

        Joe Wall
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          Welcome to the club…and a very interesting story to say the least


          When you are ready to hit the slippery slope of suspension and wheels/tires…do NOT hesitate to ask.  I am pretty well versed in that area.  I do a LOT of suspension work for clubmembers.


          Looking forward to meeting you soon


          Dave McCaughan
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            Welcome to the club! I’m glad Jim was able to straighten out the application issue. I get the sense you’ll be one of our more active members and that is always very welcome.

            We have similar first Miata stories (gifted from family friend) and I noticed common friends in the Augustauskas clan. I think I met Theresa when she was 9 or so! I too like to tinker, and my now third Miata is in the garage for a “winter” project.

            My daughter and I spent many wonderful hours together in a Miata. Researching and road tripping to ice cream destinations, sometimes just jumping in and getting “lost”, only to find ourselves miraculously at an ice cream stand. One of her infamous quotes was “More spirited driving Daddy!”. As she got older she would carry a camera and when she saw something that caught her eye she would yell “frinken pull over!” and she would get out and shoot for a while. All while managing her primary roll as DJ. Although at this point I should warn you that at 18 she thinks she can drive her 1995 Accord like I would drive my Miata. Despite my constant explanations while driving together about risk/consequences in every decision.

            Anyway, I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event.


            P.S. From the same family friend I have a few wayward guitars I would love to find a way to get working and donated to a student/musician.

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