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    My wife and I (Melinda and Eric) are from Somers, CT and have recently purchased an 02 Miata that was bought new by her father.  The Miata has only been driven in nice weather and has 42k original miles on her with original everything except oil and filters (I’m replacing the original tires next week).  It is a base model with 5-spd, A/C, and dark green with black cloth interior.  Her Dad was from Central NY and participated in club events up there for about the first 10 years of ownership.  Car received light use the following decade.  My wife and I are life long British sports car fans having owned many over the years.  Our little stable currently consists of various Triumph’s and a Morgan.  We are very happy to have the Miata now and look forward to joining in on some club events later this summer/fall.

    Elman '02 Miata

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    OK…lemme wrap my head around this…you have multiple vintage BRITISH cars…and are looking for someone to do routine stuff on your gorgeous Miata?…I am really trying not to laugh…lol!!


    All kidding aside…this NB is gorgeous…and the NB has a reputation for EGR issues that triffer a light but do not affect driveability.  The Club hosts a tech day twice a year…we can HELP you try and take care of some of the routine items you mentioned in your other post


    Welcome to the nuthouse


    PS…I came from Brit cars too…not going back

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    Hi Joe,

    You got a laugh out of me!  Yeah, I certainly get where you’re coming from and appreciate it sounds a bit humorous!  Thing is, my hands are full right now as I’m in the midst of restoring the Morgan and our ’66 Triumph Spitfire, plus rebuilding the engine from my TR4.  Luxury problems.  The purchase of the Miata was unexpected.  I am capable of tending to everything she needs, possible exception being the EGR issue; just no time for that right now.  So yeah, am hoping there is a shop that would be capable and wanting to do this work for us.  Thank you for the welcome and your compliment on our Miata – appreciated!




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