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    Hi everyone.

    I’m I have had my 2019 soul red Miata for a little over a week now and already have begun the mods. I come from the Audi world but very much looking forward to learning and meeting new people in the Miata world.

    I can’t figure out how to upload photos but looking forward to meeting you all soon

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    We seem to be getting a bunch of folks that have NDs now…and this is not a bad thing!!


    Keep watching this forum and pay attention to the events page


    we have two things happening this upcoming weekend…saturday is full…sunday is still open…and all are welcome



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    Welcome to the club!


    Audi world vs almost anything Japanese, you are in for a shock!   Little to no oil leaks on low mileage motors, and very little electrical gremlins, if any, ever.    That and the cost for ownership throughout for routine stuff (let alone performance stuff) is thousands cheaper!


    We shall meet at one of these Events!

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    I have already experienced the cost difference. I have done of a bunch to the Miata already for the cost of an exhaust on the Audi haha

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