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    Hey folks!

    My name is Chess, I have a ’93 LE #381. Some of you may remember me from years ago, I’ve done a few Lime Rock days (Mid 2010s), at least 1 Tech Day, a few other events, and I probably met a few of you at Joe’s house years ago

    Finally got my car back up and running nicely and I’m looking forward to coming out to more club events. I’m not horribly knowledgeable on working on them (I’ve done coilovers, a clutch, installed a roll bar, various regular maintenance things etc, not anywhere near the knowledge some of the members have) but I’m always willing to lend a second pair of hands if you need, or go on a drive!


    Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer!

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    Thanks for re-discovering the club.  I was definitely surprised when you came strolling up and said Hi at the ice Cream social last week

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    welcome !!

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    welcome back, sorry I missed the ice cream social.  I was omw there and then life got in the way..



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