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    My name is Kyle and I have a 2020 Miata Club soft top (BBS/Brembo/Recaro). I bought the car late January this year and have been really enjoying the Miata experience since. I always wanted a dedicated 2-seater as my partial daily driver and fun car, so in the end a C6 Corvette Z06 and the ND2 became my top choices. After a couple of test drives with some ND2’s and some long decisions about owning a C6 Z06, I made the right choice by getting the ND2. Miatas really are the answer!

    Car is mechanically stock for now with some very minor cosmetic changes. I would absolutely love to do AutoX, track driving, and any other performance driving. A couple of sessions will help me gauge what mechanical changes I would like to make on the car if at all, but I would like to see what other ND members did to their cars and how it may have improved it to their preference. I am entertaining the idea of installing a roll bar, sway bars, coilovers, and other suspension changes. But again, I want to try my car stock (minus upgraded brake fluids and pads) on these AutoX and track days so I can make accurate assessments on what I really want.

    I missed the first 2022 NMC meeting this month due to the passing of my grandfather, but I am looking forward to attend the next one and meet as many members as I can!

    Take care.

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    Hi Kyle!


    im a new guy too. Just joined up last month. Mines a 92 and is quite a project at the moment. Must be nice to have that new car smell still! 🤣 these folks have been super welcoming and helpful to me in my very short time on board. You’ll like it, I suspect!

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    Welcome to the club! My very first step for your car would be to get an alignment. Double check, but I believe you should go for as much negative camber on all 4 wheels as possible (recommended by Flyin’ Miata).

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    Welcome to the nuthouse…


    A bunch of us are heading to Lime rock on Sunday for a FCP Euro car show…its a freebie…there is a thread going here on our webpage. there is a link to pre-register also.

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    Welcome to the club!

    Agreed alignment #1 first thing to do!

    As much positive Caster equally for both fronts +7.5-8.0 making sure both right and left are perfect the same amount positive so that there is no caster pull.

    Negative camber front and rear equally -1.8 degrees, good stable street setup.  More negative front camber than rear for a turn in happy, tail happy car.  If you drive auto-x more frequently than street.

    Factory Toe is good for street, but flying miatas specs for the ND performance alignment are total toe +0.15 front and rear I believe.

    I’ll see you Sunday at Lime Rock.


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    I’m near by in Woodbridge if you need a hand.



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