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    Greetings all,

    Just obtained a 2008 PRHT GT stormy blue last week.

    Previously had a ’91 BRG SE for nineteen years that I sold 4 years ago. It had started to rust along the rockers. I like mechanical work, but have not been successful at bodywork so I let it go.

    I purchased the ” new ” car in New York after looking for a few months. On the 3 hour drive back, I reflected on the evolution of my sports cars.

    Fifty-nine MGA back in the 60s. Bolt on windows that did little to keep rain and wind out. Very bad body rot and the car was only 10 years old. Some parts were wood, floors and door sills, making them easy to replace. Twin 6 volt batteries in carriers that rust out and drop them on the road. And the prince of darkness, Lucas electrics. Still fun memories.

    Then the NA, BRG, SE. I saw one on line the other day and realized it is somewhat primative compared to the NC. I’m getting older and appreciate the heated seats, power mirrors, a little more room, and the power top.

    I hope there are some other members from RI. Hoping to attend an event soon.



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    Hello Walter

    Finnally someone further East than I am. 🙂 Congratulations on your new purchase. New member myself here eagerly awaiting the end of the winter.I bought my first ever Miata in March of last year and I am amazed by it. I’ve driven faster cars and cars that handled better but never a car that made me smile as much. I am British and remember the MGA. Never drove one although I did drive an MGB for a few months back in the 80s. Pretty car but much more work than I would want these days.  See you in the spring hopefully.

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