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    Hey! My name is Alex and I’m the owner of a 1999 Brilliant Black Miata with 205k miles. I purchased it in the fall of 2020 with some known (and unknown) issues and some aftermarket parts such as coilovers, exhaust, intake. The winter after purchasing the car I began converting it back to stock with hopes of participating in E-Street Auto-X and improving the reliability. I sourced Hard-S springs with bilstien dampers, removed all the rusty A-arms and painted them with rust inhibitor and replaced all the bushings with OEM rubber. I also replaced the old crusty brakes with broken bleed screws with new sport rotors and calipers and installed a new soft top and a Hard Dog roll bar. I sourced a stock exhaust manifold, intake, EGR tube and went to work diagnosing the CEL’s… I ended up requiring a new Catalytic converter and O2 sensors and finally had the car ready for emissions and registration.

    2 days after getting it registered I was driving back from a local brewery and the engine went boom. Turns out the car was burning a lot more oil than I anticipated and I had run it low and spun 2 rod bearings. So over the course of last summer/fall I went to work getting the engine out disassembling it and taking it to Northeast Auto Machine. I reassembled the engine and tons of other new OEM parts and got it back in and running just in time to take it for a few more drives before winter. I now have a stubborn CEL for a high idle and neutral switch but apart from that the car seems to be running great.

    Looking forward to meeting members and participating in the events. Glad to be a part of the community!



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    Thats a pretty rough intro to Miata madness…welcome to the nuthouse!!


    Monthly meeting next tuesday…hopefully you ncan make it and meet a few of the Clubmembers…like about 30 or so



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    Yes it was quite a bit more work than I was planning, but thankfully there is so much info available on these cars and it was a great learning experience.

    Thanks for the welcome

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    Welcome Alex look forward to seeing you in the year ahead.

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