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    Hi All,

    I found out about the club when Jim Merchant stopped by my Rt 7 parking lot during vintage race weekend at Lime Rock Park.  (Photo attached of my “welcome racers parking lot display). I just picked up a 99 for use at the track (mostly).  It is a special Miata color, I call “Hail damage green”.  I’ll be looking for a hood and trunk lid.  When I say hail damage, this isn’t some whimpy New England hail damage.  This was all American Colorado hail. It looks like someone attached the car with a hammer.  85% of the damage is in the hood/truck.  I’ll be starting the project with wheels / suspension and a roll bar.  After that, I’ll upgrade as my driving skill warrants. Looking forward to the fun.  Best wishes to all.Welcome racers

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    Welcome to the club! Always good to have more members active in motorsports. Sounds like an opportunity to test out the “golf ball aerodynamics” theories out there ;-).

    Look forward to hearing about your experiences transforming the car for track use.


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    That was not Jim Merchant that stopped to chat…it was ME in the orange ND

    I had stopped to take a couple pics of your fun display and you came out to chat

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    Sorry J0e, My mistake

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    Yea I saw your display as I drove by  and was like flashing lights, damn he’s out of the car, oh wow a corvair, a police toureg? Tigaun? Green?? Wait wtf??

    This all happened in a 3 second time frame as I was stomping on my break pedal..😅


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    Mike, basically you fit the intended profile.  I wanted to buy a Crown Victoria for a police car, but my wife vetoed that idea, so we put the Touareg into service (Which is why it was green markings, the German Police color).

    Glad you liked it.

    Cheers – Steve


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    I thought I had maybe been sleep-walking. Did not remember that encounter.

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