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    Joe mentioned me back in September when I was planning to do a story for the Republican-American newspaper on the NMC, and it took me until this month to finally pay dues. I bought a nice 2010 NC back in August thanks to the graciousness of club member Robin Denny. The car has been in winter storage for months, but with spring approaching, I’m now looking at getting a rim buffed out and a small tear in the top patched. Not sure how active I’ll be in the club as I write the weekly My Ride classic car feature and monthly RIDE-CT motorcycle column for the newspaper as well as host the motorcycle website RIDE-CT & RIDE-New England (ride-ct.com), which means my weekends are usually pretty full. I owned an “M edition” NA back in the 1990s when I lived in Phoenix and belonged to the Miata club there. Back then, only the NA existed and it was a quite a sight to see 30 or 40 running down the highway. Regardless, look forward to seeing everyone whenever possible.

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    Welcome! Honored to have such a distinguished member of the Western CT automotive community as a member! Hopefully we will at least see you at some of our mid-week ice ream socials.


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    HiYa Bud…..I’m a new member also this year…..so if I don’t see you on the road, or at an NER event, then maybe at a NM event….I signed up for Auto X in July.


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    Welcome to the Club.  I have bee reading your stuff in the Rep-Am for years.  You did a great job on the article last year about the Club…and two other Clubmembers have been featured with their ‘other’ cars.  Hopefully you will be ab le to join us at some point for some back roads riding…not writing!!

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