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    Hello Nutmeg Miata members My name is Tom Corrolo I am from Torrington and I have recently joined the club.Looking forward to meeting members and attending events.I have a mint white 97 Miata that was gifted to me from my Parents(they can no longer get in and out of the car due to physical aliments).I am still in the process of deciding what mods to do to the car and would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the club! We look forward to meeting you as well. I would recommend getting to know the car in its stock form really well. And before doing a mod, find someone who has that mod and ride or drive the car, especially the more expensive ones.

    If you are free this Saturday, come up to Lime Rock, there will be LOTS of Miatas, with a wide variety of mods. Spectators are free to enter (just say you’re there for the Nutmeg Autocross), if you’d like a sandwich, at lunch toss $10 into the jar.


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