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    Over the next 45 days or so (June 1st) the Nutmeg Miata Club will be phasing out the use of PayPal as a method of paying Dues, Lime Rock Park, and the Holiday Party. NMC will be using a NEW electronic payment method through Webster Bank / Clover that will allow you to use your Credit Card Visa, Master card, Discover Etc as well as your debit cards.

    Nutmeg Miata Club will set up a payment button on the NMC Website.

    Fill in the requested information and pay your dues. That easy!

    You should receive a receipt confirmation email for that payment.

    Remember dues are $32.00 if using the electronic payment Webster Bank / Clover system.

    Thank You

    Robert Barron

    Treasurer NMC

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    Oh! I thought you were willing to set up a payment plan for those who wanted to pay their dues over time!😉😂

    But seriously, this is a really great step forward for the club, you, and your successor. Great job, adios, arrivederci, sayonara PP!

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    Neways to pay simply worked and much more convenient than Paypal yet the Clover systems seems to be secure when banks and many small business were using them.

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