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    I want to give a big shout out to Carl for his help with installing the new carpet in my Miata. He generously invited me to do the job in his garage. ( The picture shows him enjoying that there’s 3 Miatas in his garage. 😎  The red NA is his latest project.)

    After removing the seats, carpet and old felt we started by installing a DEI boom mat kit. Then we added a DEI insulation kit and finally the tan cut pile molded carpet kit.  Overall it took us just under 5 hrs. We completed the job by installing the new ( to me) pair of tan NB seats I picked up from Planet Miata at Miatacon.

    I bought the carpet etc. from Moss.  The tan isn’t a perfect match to the OEM, but I think it looks good and it was the closest option I could find.   Installing the DEI kits has eliminated rough road rattles. Besides making the carpet feel more plush the thicker DEI insulation pad seems to have cut down on the transmission tunnel heat.   Overall I’m very pleased with the results.  The only drawback is that now I am thinking that the seats ( which are in far better shape than my originals )  could benefit from new seat covers… 😉

    Here’s a picture of the completed project.   And to illustrate how far I’ve come with restoring my car, I’ve added an old picture of the door to show the condition the car was in when I bought it.  The previous owner had stored it in a wet garage.  The interior and the top were covered in mold.

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    Peter, those like new seats and new carpet look fantastic. That was very generous of Carl to help you install the carpet and seats.  If you’re bringing your Miata to the April meeting next week, I look forward to checking it out in person.

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