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    A very common problem on our NC’s is headlight condensation.  If you are still under warranty the dealer will show you a TSB from Mazda stating that condensation is normal, “do not attempt repair”.

    You are left with few options other than replacing the entire assembly for $600.  Or you can live with it until the moisture takes out your ballast and ignitor on your Xenon headlights, again big bucks.

    I managed to 100% fix mine using a kitchen oven and a tube of Permatex silicon sealant.

    If anyone wants detailed, step by instructions or in person help (I plan on being at tech day at Scott and Rita’s May 11th), I am more then happy to walk you through the procedure.

    Warning: not for the timid, requires removing front bumper cover.

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    Any way to get the same result with a bunch desiccant packs and w few days of dry weather? Then maybe even try and rejuvenate the seals with Shinzu grease? Just brainstorming here, I’ve never even changed a bulb in a NC!


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    Hi Dave, way to much moisture for a desiccant bag, even a big one. If you have a lot of time to leave the front end apart you could pull all the bulbs to leave the back open to the atmosphere, this would eventually dry it out.

    You still need to bake it in the oven to reflow the factory sealant.  I had good luck with silicon sealant on top of this.  The MSDS sheet says it is good from -20 – 250 F degrees so more than enough for our climate.

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    Bill, I know what you mean about the front bumper cover, I had to remove mine to put in a custom grill. Luckily I had some helpers along the way.

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